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13 years of professional non-standard container custom, industry-leading

Covers an area of 3000 square meters, professional and technical team, with dozens of professional and technical workers

Workshop equipment, to meet your various custom requirements to ensure that your production needs

We summed up a set of advanced management model, production efficiency 50% higher than peers,

Professional team of senior engineers to provide non-standard container one-stop service solutions

Adequate supply, complete specifications, quality assurance, the same quality and best price

With more than 2,000 square warehouse, conventional product inventory of 5,000 variety, Adequate supply, delivery speed guaranteed

The main products are spiral plate heat exchanger, tube condenser, alcohol recovery tower, pressure vessel and other specifications complete, the maximum extent to meet market demand, so you choose worry-free

Improve the quality assurance system, so that self-test, mutual inspection, special inspection of the combination,Guarantee 100% product qualification rate

Industry-class production base, the scale of production, eliminating the need for intermediate links, lower cost, the best price

High-quality, high-quality after-sales service, so you no worries

7 * 24 hours quick response, promptly solve your confusion

Manual on-site commissioning, custom installation and construction program

Professional after-sales technical team

National university cooperation logistics, efficient and fast



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Wuxi Jiesheng Shenghua Equipment Co., Ltd Since the 1990s began to engage in non-standard container manufacturing, the main products spiral plate heat exchanger, tube condenser, alcohol recovery tower, evaporator, radiator, storage tanks, pressure vessels, through continuous positive exploration, summed up A set of advanced management model, throug...

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Brief Analysis on the Effectiveness of Sp
Brief Analysis on the Effectiveness of Sp

The screw compressor with the economizer is equipped with the spiral plate heat exchanger with the economizer, which has the function of qi and middle cooling, and has a large degree of subcooling, which increases the cooling capacity per u




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