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  Wuxi Jiesheng Shenghua Equipment Co., LtdSince the 1990s began to engage in non-standard container manufacturing, the main products spiral plate heat exchanger, tube condenser, alcohol recovery tower, evaporator, radiator, storage tanks, pressure vessels, through continuous positive exploration, summed up A set of advanced management model, through the continuous configuration of advanced equipment, the overall level of increasing.

  Jiesheng company is committed to serving the oil, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, paper, biological, light industry, beer and other industrial fields, products throughout, exported to East Asia, Europe and the United States.

  The face of the new century, Jiesheng company adhering to the "customer satisfaction is our pursuit, the user is thinking that we should do" the spirit of service, and implement the "quality, reasonable price, prompt delivery, service integrity and thoughtful With the advanced management level, innovative entrepreneurial spirit, professional manufacturing technology, excellent product quality, improve the service system to win the trust and support of users, the company is willing to join hands with the majority of customers with the same , Create brilliant!