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[Company news] Brief Analysis on the Effectiveness of Spiral Plate Aug-12-17
The screw compressor with the economizer is equipped with the spiral plate heat exchanger with the economizer, which has the function of qi and middle cooling, and has a large degree of subcooling, which increases the cooling capacity per u ......
[Industry news] Application of Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger in Alcoh Aug-12-17
In the process of alcohol production, the raw materials of liquefaction, saccharification and fermentation, etc., need a suitable temperature.Traditional vacuum and snake tube spray cooling method, the need to consume a lot of water, with th ......
[Industry news] Jizhong Energy Filtering Slime Technology Completel Aug-12-17
Jizhong Energy Co., Ltd. Xingtai mine actively change the mode of development, the use of existing management and personnel advantages, carried out a number of technical research, science and technology enterprises, green mining on the road ......
[Industry news] North Building Materials five achievements by the 2 Aug-12-17
April 7, by the China Building Materials Federation and the China Machine Building Materials Trade Union Committee jointly organized by the 2011 Huaxin Cup building materials industry technology innovation award in recognition of the Genera ......
[Company news] Bellows Heat Exchanger Design Standard Aug-12-17
Abstract: Bellows heat exchanger is a kind of high efficiency shell-and-tube heat exchanger. It is necessary to promote its strength and safety in order to popularize its application range. This paper introduces the method and main contents ......
[Company news] Selection Guide for Bellows Heat Exchanger Aug-12-17
Selection of water bellows heat exchanger steps: It is assumed that the heating water inlet temperature T1; the inlet temperature T2; the heated water inlet temperature t1, the outlet temperature t2, and the heated water flow rate G2. You c ......
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