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[Company news] Brief Analysis on the Effectiveness of Spiral Plate Aug-12-17
The screw compressor with the economizer is equipped with the spiral plate heat exchanger with the economizer, which has the function of qi and middle cooling, and has a large degree of subcooling, which increases the cooling capacity per u ......
[Company news] Bellows Heat Exchanger Design Standard Aug-12-17
Abstract: Bellows heat exchanger is a kind of high efficiency shell-and-tube heat exchanger. It is necessary to promote its strength and safety in order to popularize its application range. This paper introduces the method and main contents ......
[Company news] Selection Guide for Bellows Heat Exchanger Aug-12-17
Selection of water bellows heat exchanger steps: It is assumed that the heating water inlet temperature T1; the inlet temperature T2; the heated water inlet temperature t1, the outlet temperature t2, and the heated water flow rate G2. You c ......
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