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Brief Analysis on the Effectiveness of Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger of Air - cooled Heat Pump

The screw compressor with the economizer is equipped with the spiral plate heat exchanger with the economizer, which has the function of qi and middle cooling, and has a large degree of subcooling, which increases the cooling capacity per unit mass refrigerant and can obviously improve the unit High condensation temperature and low evaporation temperature occasions, the amount of cooling and heating. The efficiency of the air-cooled pump heat exchanger is changed, and the economizer works better at low evaporation temperatures.
The addition of a set of spray equipment evaporative condenser is basically the use of water vaporization to take the gaseous refrigerant in the condensation process during the condensation of latent heat released; and rake dryer consumption of cooling water is only the loss of water supply, and water-cooled Type of condenser water consumption compared to its much less water. For example, the latent heat of water is 2450kJ / kg, while the water temperature in the water-cooled condenser is only 68, that is, only 2535kJ of calories per kilogram of cooling water. Theoretically, the evaporative condenser water consumption is 1/1001/70 of the water-cooled condenser water, and of course, for other reasons, the actual water consumption is 1/251/50 of the water-cooled type.
Using the concept of evaporative condenser, in the air-cooled heat pump chillers side of the air side of the heat exchanger, the acquisition of a set of water spray device, the ambient temperature is high, open the pump, to the air side of the heat exchanger coil surface spray Water, to reduce the condensation temperature, increase the cooling capacity, but also cleaning the fin dust, reducing the role of scaling.
When the heat is supplied, the bottom of the air-side heat exchanger flows into the liquid refrigerant without the throttle device. The air velocity of the bottom of the air-side heat exchanger is often low, the scraper evaporator is the part of the super-frost, Heat transfer tubes are often not fully defrosting, heating effect deteriorated. The lower part of the air-cooled fin heat exchanger is designed as a subcooler, and a part of the refrigerant liquid which has not been throttled enters the heat transfer pipe at the bottom of the air-side heat exchanger to increase the degree of subcooling of the refrigerant liquid. Improve the heat exchanger frost and defrost characteristics.
Heat exchanger to change the depth of design When heating, the air side of the bottom of the heat exchanger tube first frost, and difficult to melt, often air side heat exchanger with axial fan, and also arranged in the top of the coil; lead to the bottom of the coil Low wind speed In order to improve the heating performance can also take the variable depth, high wind speed parts of the number of heat transfer tubes, the bottom of the low heat transfer tube to reduce the depth, improve the heat exchanger heat transfer uniformity, without increasing the heat transfer area The case of improving the heat transfer efficiency drum slicer.
Control coil frost thickness, dynamic adjustment defrost interval time and defrost time acquisition of ultra-small heat loss Intelligent defrost control method should also include control coil frost thickness, dynamic adjustment defrost interval time and in addition to Frost time this cycle. Defrosting process is a heat loss process, defrosting, the unit not only can not supply energy, finned tube radiator but from inside the building to absorb heat, seriously affecting the heating effect. The number of defrosting increased, the heat loss increased. After the tube frost, the heat of the unit began to have little effect, with the increase of time, frost layer thickening, so that the performance of the unit deteriorated, deteriorated to the post-can not work, heating with the increase in frost layer gradually cut back.
In order to obtain a large amount of heat for the user, there is a super good defrost interval.
Conclusion: The air-cooled heat pump hot and cold water unit is affected by the ambient temperature and humidity, the cooling capacity is reduced at high temperature, the heat supply at low ambient temperature becomes smaller, and frost and defrosting increase the problem of insufficient heat supply. In this paper, the method of making up and reducing the influence degree is put forward according to the influence of environment. 2) corrugated pipe heat exchanger can control the thickness of the frost layer automatically adjust the defrost interval and defrost time two functions; and the commonly used temperature in addition to the temperature of the time to remove the defrosting The frost method sets out the specific method of eliminating the ineffective defrosting and controlling the thickness of the frost layer.