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North Building Materials five achievements by the 2011 Building Materials Industry Technology Innovation Award

April 7, by the China Building Materials Federation and the China Machine Building Materials Trade Union Committee jointly organized by the 2011 "Huaxin Cup" building materials industry technology innovation award in recognition of the General Assembly in the cherry blossom Jiangcheng Wuhan held a grand.
North New building materials application of the five technological innovation by the building materials industry science and technology committee expert review recommended, the corrugated pipe heat exchanger all received the building materials industry technology innovation award: technology development class first prize a "dryer closed section plate position zero Deviation tracking technology ", technology development class two prize a" gypsum board characteristics of product development ", technological transformation class two prize a" energy saving and environmental protection natural gas calcination process and control system design ", drum slicer technology class Third prize two "desulfurization gypsum in the production of fly ash for the production of gypsum board" and "slurry molding control system scraper evaporator improved."
The award-winning five technological innovations, are derived from the production practice, found in practice problems, through continuous technological improvements and innovation, the end is applied to the production practice, with a strong practical and operational Sex. The results of the five technological innovations have been fully promoted in the Beixing building gypsum board production line. Among them, the "zero-deviation tracking technology of the claw-type dryer's closed section sheet position" has been carried out by signal detection, operation processing and upper display. The internal distribution of gypsum board real-time display in the host computer screen, to solve the past can not observe the location of gypsum board, relying on artificial rough projections, the problem of large deviation, making the dryer temperature control more accurate, intuitive and stable. "Energy-saving and environmental protection natural gas calcination process and control system design" is to respond to the energy-saving emission reduction call, reflecting the use of new resources to serve the North, the concept of social services to achieve a 100% desulfurization gypsum instead of natural gypsum technology upgrade. The technology upgrade has applied a series of new equipment with independent intellectual property rights, new technology, greatly improved the product pass rate, digested the thermal power plant of industrial waste, and achieved good economic and social benefits spiral plate heat exchanger.
North New Building Materials has always attached great importance to scientific and technological innovation, the establishment of a set of scientific and technological innovation incentive mechanism and personnel training mechanism in the enterprise to create a very good environment for technological innovation and atmosphere, the company strongly advocate and encourage front-line staff to actively participate in technology Innovation activities, fully aware that only in the technical based on independent research and development, finned tube radiator innovation, can continue to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in order to establish and consolidate the enterprise's own brand, promote enterprise development in order to national brand Construction and international brand promotion has made great progress, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. North New Building Materials in recent years, scientific and technological innovation has greatly consolidated the North Building Materials in the gypsum board industry leading position for the new building materials for the new and greater development to provide a strong technical support.