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Jizhong Energy Filtering Slime Technology Completely Solves the Problem of "Black" in Coal Mine

Jizhong Energy Co., Ltd. Xingtai mine actively change the mode of development, the use of existing management and personnel advantages, carried out a number of technical research, science and technology enterprises, green mining on the road to successfully run a batch of international and domestic project. Since 2010, will solve the problem of coal slime as a key research project, the pressure filter slime technology research has made great progress since the successful operation of coal since the test, highlighting the obvious social and economic benefits.
In order to effectively solve the slime pollution of the mining area environment and the efficient use of resources, Jizhong Energy Co., Ltd. Xingtai Mine through the technical research, in October 2010 conducted a filter mud slime laboratory drying experiment, February 4, 2012 filter Slime clean use of technology put into operation, completely solve the coal mine "black" problem, creating a new era of green mine construction.
Coal slime is a kind of high ash, low calorie coal washing by-product, in China, the coal into the washing rate of about 50%, annual slime emissions of more than 20 million tons, the use of slime is becoming increasingly urgent. Most of the traditional slime treatment methods are stored in the form of open pit, mainly used for selling civilian, low selling price, insufficient utilization of slime value, and serious pollution of the site, serious pollution of groundwater.
Xingtai mine pressure filter slime drying system using the domestic initiative, the international advanced conductive drying process, the use of waste heaters to heat the company to do heat, RD multi-stage guided box dryer as the main equipment to replace the current domestic commonly used drum Direct drying process and equipment, a good solution to the drum drying process to bring environmental pollution problems. The equipment in the country's first integrated layout, to complete large-scale manufacturing, increase the amount of equipment handling, and well adapted to the large amount of slime requirements, the successful use of the technology will create a safe, energy saving, New era of spiral plate heat exchanger.
Xingtai mine pressure filter slime drying system is equipped with four drying unit equipment, the design capacity of 180kt / a, hourly processing capacity of 36t / h, the entire system by the fast opening filter press filter system, slime drying system two Main system components. The slime is filtered and dehydrated into the buffer silo for mixing and crushing. The slime is then fed to each layer of a screw feeder, and the drying unit is heated by the feeder and heated by the regulating and regulating the temperature control system. The waste heat generated by the water is converted into hot air, and the dried slime is further blown dry on the belt conveyor so that the moisture in the slime is further volatilized and discharged from the discharge ports into the common passage, Conveyor into the coal bunker, the entire drying process has a continuous, fully dry slime characteristics. Dry coal slag can be transported directly to the power plant incineration power generation, can also be mixed evenly into the coal, the formation of a wide range of market applications, pollution, high profits, new coal blended, resulting in high economic profits.
The original slime is 160 yuan / ton, after the pressure filter slime drying technology, the new coal can be produced in accordance with the price of coal in 360 yuan / ton to sell rake dryer. Jizhong Energy Co., Ltd. Xingtai Mine Coal Preparation Plant One year of coal slag is 180,000 tons, deducted slag drying cost of 50 yuan / ton, a year to get a profit of 27 million yuan. It is reported that the pressure filter slime drying technology in Xingtai mine after the success of the operation will be in the Jizhong Energy Company to promote the company's coal slag has nearly one million tons, if the promotion of the technology, the annual profit of up to 150 million yuan. Pressure filter slime drying technology operation, will achieve efficient use of resources at the same time greatly improve the mining area of ​​the ecological environment, to achieve economic and social benefits of the double harvest.